a little about us first...

Mahanaim Farm

Creating a future from the past

  About us:

WE are located in beautifully Camp, Arkansas.

Our little farm is named Mahanaim (Cool old Bible word that means two camps.

We are homesteaders (A Somewhat self sufficient, self maintaining family farm).

So the money we earn here goes to preserve our little farm and our way of life for ourselves and our children (G-d willing grandchildren).

We have five children, 18, 16,14,3 and 2, only one is a girl…lol

We home school four of our children.

We are active and supportive members of both 4-H .

On our farm we have 50 plus chickens, 50 plus ducks, 20 some geese,

A  hundred quails , 20 or so doves (white and regular),4 dear peacocks, 12 turkeys,

more pigeons than I can count without an abacus. A small heard of Nubian and la Mancha Milk goats.

A nice sized herd of Jacob Sheep (Four horns rule, plus they are one of the sheep of the Bible).

Three very spoiled Horses.

A herd of cats and three dogs.

Plus all the wild animals that eat here with them.

We grown and harvest most of this...stuff so ask if you need some thing not listed, we may have it.

Place flora in the subject box (I have an over active spam box)

If you are having a hard time and need help with your farm or are just getting started feel free to ask,

that is why we are here, we are all in this together.

Be Blessed


Mahanaim Farm and Ranch


Now to the good stuff...

Welcome to our herb and other flora oddities site.


Prices below are before shipping and smaller or larger amounts may be available just email us and ask. 

If you leave a phone number and name in your email we will even call you.


Fresh grown white sage

Grown on our farm

$1.00 per dried oz


 your choice of bundle or loose, will be dried fresh when order is placed.

Black raspberry leaves

Grown on or near our farm

$1.00 per oz

Grape leaves fresh

Grown on or near our farm

$.25 per large leaf

Pineapple sage

Grown on our farm

$1.00 per oz

Sold out


Grown on our farm

$1.00 per oz

Lemon Balm

Grown on our farm

$1.00 per oz

Chocolate mint

grown on our farm

$1.00 per oz


Grown on our farm

$1.00 oz

Sold out


Regular mint

grown on our farm

$1.00 per oz



Grown on our farm
Sassafras Albidum

                                                                                                 Common Names: Ague tree, Saxifrax, Cinnamonwood, Saloop, Smelling-stick


Dark blue berries....Sold Out

   Fall leaves....Three full pressed leaves      $3.00    

Regular season leaves...Three leaves       $2.00

Bulk leaves by $3.00 per pound, dried.

Twigs by small bundle...                              $5.00

Bark...                                                $1.00 per oz

Roots...                                             $2.00 per oz

Gumbo File Powder, Powdered Sassafras Leaves-$1.00 per oz in resalable zip lock bag.

Ok so I am suppose to say: Caution: May be harmful in excessive doses. The FDA has banned it from being sold for internal use, in some places. 


  White oak

Grown on our farm

Leaves dried $1.00 per oz-will not be pressed flat at this price

Leaves by the piece-fresh .25 cents each

leaves pressed .75 cents each

Acorns when available-

by the pound $7.00

By the piece .70 cents





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