Glass Artistry

Pieces you find here are made by either myself or my teacher who is currently retired.  

My teacher Wendy Bridges had been a glass artist for over 40 years. 

I have been a glass artist now for over 20 years.

Special items can be made by request and I do teach the highly specialized art of glass making, feel free to either call or email for either.

Ok so here it is my disclaimer:

I do not make glass pipes, so please do not ask, nor will not teach you to make them either.

Now on to the art...

Glass Seahorses


Jewish Glass Artisty

Mustard seed pendants start below the poem...

Plant a Seed

By Wendy Bridges

I may not be able to clothe the naked,

but I can lend you my coat.

I may not be rich enough to feed the staving masses,

But I can make you a sandwich.

I may not be able to stop air pollution,

but I can stop blowing smoke in your face.

I may not be able to clean up the environment of the plant,

but I can help rake your yard,

I may not be smart enough to end illiteracy,

but I can read you a story and walk you to school.

I may not be able to eliminate war or stop violence,

but I can be peaceful and kind to you right now.

I may not be able to end world poverty,

but I can share what I have with you.

I may not be able to end pain and suffering,

but I can hold your hand and lend you a shoulder.

I may not be able to save humanity,

but I can nurture a child.

I may not be able to turn the world back into a garden,

But I can plant a seed.


This is what I base my heart on, and what she based her art and her heart upon, help us spread this message of light and love to the world.

This page last updated 01/13/2021

       Mustard seed pendants are listed below....



             This one measures just one and 1/4 inches long and it is 1/4 of an inch wide.  The loop measures 1/4 of an inch wide.

It is crafted from translucent blue sea glass and made to last a lifetime...

The mustard seed in glued in place in a special indent into the glass with a very high end jeweler's glue to give you a life time or more of wear.  The cost for this piece is $9.95 which includes free regular shipping in a padded envelope. Shipping to other countries or by priority mail  upon request for additional cost. 




More to come very soon....

Every thing you see on these pages is crafted in love, and under copy write....


These mustard seed pendants are a Registered trade mark of Golden Dove Gallery, all rights reserved.

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