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March 07, 2013




The purpose of this paper is to show that bio-tech conglomerate corporation, known as Monsanto is responsible for genetically modified plants that are known cause cancer in animals maybe even people.  Since the late 1980’s when people first started decoding the genome of both plants and animals there has been enormous debate both on the ethics, and health related questions raised about the potential of modifying plants such as corn. Genetically modified corn is unsafe for animals or humans, and should be banned from use in all food products.  People and animals developed cancer after eating Monsanto's genetically modified corn, and some have even died as a result of long term exposure and ingestion. I will offer up studies proving the validity of the cancer causing nature of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn. 



Monsanto is the leader in genetically modified food products, in today’s animal and human food market it would be extremely difficult to find a food product that did not contain their patented genetically modified corn.  As a result of marketing, this one product to farmers and large corporations, it has flooded the market in what can only be called a barrage of poison. There are two commonly used products of everyday life that contain genetically modified corn.  One is any product containing ground corn, such as corn based cereals, baking mixes and pet foods.  The other is high fructose corn syrup; another product of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn that can be found in everything from peanut butter to yogurt.  Monsanto’s corns possess a real and valid danger; it causes cancer and should not be allowed to be sold as food for anything.

Although the exact number of people or animals that have gotten cancer, or suffered organ failure from Monsanto’s genetically modified corn is not known.  The numbers could be in the millions or hundreds of millions.  Independent research showed that in as little as 90 days, physical damage was clearly noticed in mammals(Ananda, 2010).   Data collected from various sources, both in the United States and from the European Union show that the material originally presented by the bio-tech leader Monsanto to be the same material that would then be used to discredit their research and provide the crucial evidence that these crops including their bio engineered corn are dangerous and harmful to the health of animals and humans. I use as an example:

Three varieties of Monsanto’s GM corn – Mon 863, insecticide-producing Mon 810, and   Roundup® herbicide-absorbing NK 603 – were approved for consumption by US, European and several other national food safety authorities. The data used for this approval, ironically, is the same material that independent researchers studied to make the    organ damage link.(Ananda, 2010, para. 2)

It is amazing at the very least, to believe that genetically modified corn was approved on only the studies produced by Monsanto and not by independent labs.  It is as if the food and drug administration gave them card blank and allowed them to sell these potentially harmful products, uncontrolled and unregulated.

            If bio-tech companies like Monsanto are allowed to make the rules none of us will be safe.  They will do what it takes to keep their product out there and available. It is important that stronger rules be adapted to keep food safe.  More testing should be done before any genetically modified food, including the Monsanto corn seed more commonly known as Mon 863. (Ananda, 2010)

The scientists who have reviewed the data have in some cases submitted their own, stating:

            The researchers have called for “an immediate ban on the import and cultivation of these GMOs and strongly recommend additional long- term up to two Years and multi-generational animal feeding studies on at least three species to provide true scientifically valid data on the acute and chronic toxic effects of GM crops, feed and foods. (Merchant, 2010, para. 4)

In the reviewing of this evidence it is clear that a ban should immediately go into effect and all use of bio-engineered food should be stopped immediately.  Planting of these crops should also be ended until such time as further research can be done.

            Taking proper care and by taking the time to do more and longer term studies reduces much of the stigma attached to GMOs could not only be reduced but in some cases eliminated.  The FDA has yet to regulate the ever growing field of genetically modified food as if it was a drug, but maybe it should.  After all some drugs are tested for many years before being allowed to be sold to the consumer, but GMOs require little or no testing what so ever.  According to the reports there is no safe way no remove or even reduce the effects of the genetic engineering or the risk they may pose to animals and humans.  According to the article in Food freedom, there may be dire consequences to the use of these products that could affect us for generations to come (Ananda, 2010).

            The benefits of long term testing not only include a safer food product for both animals and humans, but insure a future for all genetically modified products. It will open up a whole new world of scientific study. Create new jobs and allow for the creation of many new innovative products. Long term studies could also provide us with valuable evidence of safe alternatives to the type of genetically modified products of today. It will also ensure a safe future, free from the fear of plague that could arise from the use of a one seed product solution. Variation of products could reduce this risk and create a stable market place for future genetically modified food products.

            Monsanto’s response to these allegations is to create a website to respond to the safety of there many genetically modified products.  On this cite responses are clearly stated.  They state that they have been planting genetically modified crops, such as corn since 1986. They go on to defend that they grow other crops that are not corn based and have had little to no problems with all of them (Monsanto, 2013). Monsanto contends that the allegations are derived from substandard data and have little or no effect on the production of marketable products. It also contends that as one of the oldest bio-tech companies that not only does it know what it is doing that it should be exempt from such regulations.  After all as they say in the article:

Aspects of the GM crop which are the same as the non-GM counterpart do not require safety assessment. Safety assessment can then be appropriately focused on what is different about the GM crop. All GM crops are analyzed and compared to non-GM counterparts in order to determine whether they have similar concentrations of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, fiber, vitamins and a variety of other components. Two crops which are alike in all respects are said to be “substantially equivalent.”

All crops vary in nutrient and other components. No two crops--or even samples of the same crop--are identical. Substantial equivalence, more technically, means that the range of concentrations for components of the GM crop falls within the typical range for the non-GM counterpart.  (Monsanto, 2013)

They also push towards there not being a need for genetic DNA testing do to the fact that the entire DNA used in their crops is drawn from nature.  There for is not subject to pretesting or interference as far as they are concerned.

However since there is evidence to the contrary as to the DNA all being based in nature, there should be more testing. They also do not take into account the fact that removing and replacing DNA sequences could cause unknown catastrophic consequences. Since testing has been done outside of their control there is so much more to consider then just the stance of nature alone. There is an impact of the health and safety involved that was never considered by Monsanto in its original creation of the bio-tech products.  Every day people and animals are getting sick and in some cases even dying.  They should be forced to stop production on all of their products and seed should be stopped and testing should be started.

In conclusion great care and regulation should be given to all genetically modified foods not matter what the source. In the past we have allowed big corporation like Monsanto to dictate the rules of GMO foods and standards to the general population without proper testing and without proper guide lines.  More controlled measures in the future mean more controlled and safe food for a consumers and farm animals.  Every day new research reveals hidden secretes and new knowledge, it is without a doubt that the new technologies and advances in the future will fix many of the problems we have today with genetically modified foods, leaving the world a not only safer place, but also more productive.







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